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Okay, so I finally gave in and read some spoilers for season five of Supernatural and while I won't post here as not to tempt some of my spoilah-free sistahs, I just have to say that spoiler alert, spoiler alert ) Whooo hooo! *Does silly happy dance!*

Peace, Ghani
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Snatched from [livejournal.com profile] riven_008: List 10 of your favorite characters from different fandoms, and ask people to spot patterns in your choices, and if they're so inclined, to draw conclusions about you based on the patterns they've spotted.

- Horatio Hornblower, Hornblower series
- Princess Leia Organa, Star Wars
- Rogue, X-Men
- Donna Noble, Doctor Who
- Elektra Natchios, Daredevil/Elektra
- Aeryn Sun, Farscape
- Darien Fawkes, Indivisible Man
- Aragorn, Lord of the Rings
- Daisy Steiner, Spaced
- Buffy Summers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

And if your pattern is, 'Most of 'em are chick,' congratulations! For therein is the truth: I identify more readily and strongly with female characters. It was kind of difficult, honestly, to come up with a few guys I would put over some of my favorite female characters!

From [livejournal.com profile] lastwordslinger: Name your 15 absolutely favorite couples (het/slash/canon/fanon) and ask people to see what trends they notice about your couples. Try to pick different fandoms.

- Han/Leia, Star Wars
- Scott/Emma, X-Men
- John/Aeryn, Farscape
- Buffy/Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
- Horatio/Lady Barbara, Hornblower
- Rogue/Gambit, X-Men
- Tonks/Lupin, Harry Potter
- Arwen/Aragorn, Lord of the Rings
- Maximus/Lucilla, Galdiator
- Sir Percy Blakeney/Marguerite, The Scarlet Pimpernel
- Helena Bertinelli/Dick Grayson, Birds of Prey/Batman/Nightwing
- Fry/Riddick, Pitch Black/Chronicles of Riddick
- Ben/Sofie, Carnivale
- Jack/Rose, Titanic
- Sayid/Shannon, LOST

Peace, Ghani
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Where to start? 'Twas a good weekend for fandom, mine at least. Highlander: The Source aired and probably the less said about the actual movie, the better. Now, I'm not a snob, I love those movies, especially the last one where I geeked out with both Connor and Duncan, but this was kinda meh. The end made me groan and roll my eyes. Make love, not war, baby, was the message of the day, but I watch Highlander to begin with to see guys gettin' thar heads cut off! And Methos really was a total dick in this one, as Duncan points out; what der hey? And once again Amanda was just a no-show. And Joe, oh Joe! How I cried! We didn't actually see Methos' death, so I remain convinced that he's still alive, somewhere hiding again. They definitely left it open. I'd always hoped that if Methos ever died, his quickening would be astonomical, but since they were all mortal by the end of the movie and he was offscreen...shrug. I had to laugh, too, at Duncan recounting the many mortal companions he'd lost over the years, which amounted to all of about three, when his fallen immortal comrades number in the twenties, ha! I still enjoyed it, I have to say, but I would do just because of what it was.

Terry O'Quinn finally took home an Emmy, yay! Go, Team Locke! And Michael Emmerson just looked so handsome and so cute! And in other exciting LOST news, we just read that Jeff Fahey will be joining the cast next season! Jeff freakin' Fahey! SQUEE! Now, granted, the idea that they're going to be adding yet more cast members shows not only a complete and total ignorance to and inability to gauge fan reactions and learn from one's mistakes (they've tried it once in the second season and again in the third. From the new groups they've introduced only one character remains. Yup, just the one). Now, see, we wouldn't mind so much if they remained in the background, but the creators--bless 'em because I love 'em--insist on these new creation taking up valuable screen time more established characters could be enjoying. Juliet had far more screen time than, say, Sayid last season which isn't as bad as Nicki and Paulo--shudder--having their own episode! I really don't understand why they feel the need to do this every season! There's been no news on Nestor Carbonell's return to the show after the initial announcement that CBS wasn't willing to let him do it. I can only hope his show bombs (isn't that mean of me, but I need my Alpert fix!) in time to go film some episodes!

K-Ville premiered last night and was interesting mostly for its setting and not necessarily for its story, so I don't know how long it's going to last. Kudos to FOX for actually writing a biography of Cole Hauser without one mention of Pitch Black, from wence about 85% of his fans come and one of the only movies he's had a starring role in.

According to Outpost Gallifrey, Torchwood had the largest audience of any BBCAmerica drama premiere evah. Torchwood FTW! Between Burn Notice blazing through the ratings and this bit of news, I must say a lot of my faith in the TV watching populace has been restored. It proves, if you make a good show and really are willing to stand behind it and get it out there (read: advertizing blitz, as both of those shows had), people will watch!

Meanwhile, in video game news, I finally got my hands on a copy of BioShock, supposedly the greatest game of the year, and i have to say I wasn't all that impressed. Now, this you must know first: I am not a fan of the FPS. I just don't like the POV. It ruined ResEvil 4 for me. And since the story and the setting were so like an adventure/survival horror game, it was doubly frustrating. I happen not to like having the first indication that I'm being shot at be a bullet barrage into my side or back. I do have peripheral vision, you know. And having to move the camera around all over the freakin' place to take int he amazing setting was infuriating. I think it stopped me from really getting into the story, too.

And this is just pure geek out on my part, but I was reading a new Doctor Who book, Forever Autumn by Mark Morris, as was overjoyed to see a mention of a Ghost Rider poster being part of a "typical twelve year-old's room," along with the likes of Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. Awesome.

Keep Watching the Skies, Ghani
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Taken from [livejournal.com profile] jadeblood:


Honorable, straightforward and idealistic. Active and self-confident.

Colors: male: white, female: blue
Compatible Signs:
Osiris, Thoth
Mar 11 - Mar 31, Oct 18 - Oct 29, Dec 19 - Dec 31

Role: Goddess of motherhood, women, and magic; goddess of the South; protector of Imseti (the son of Horus who watched over the canopic jar containing the liver)
Woman wearing the hieroglyph for "throne" on her head

What is Your Egyptian Zodiac Sign?
Designed by CyberWarlock of Warlock's Quizzles and Quandaries

And snatched from [livejournal.com profile] polarbear_girl:

TV 'Shipper Meme )

Peace, Ghani
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From [livejournal.com profile] jadeblood: Are you a book lover? A TV freak? A movie aficionado? Put your mind to the test, and list some of your favorite fictional characters - one for each letter of the alphabet.

A is for- Arwen Undomiel, Lord of the Rings
B is for- Barbara Wellesley, Hornblower
C is for- Carolyn Fry, Pitch Black
D is for- Dean Winchester, Supernatural
E is for- Eilonwy, The Prydain Chronicles
F is for- Fuchsia Groan, Gormenghast
G is for- Ghanima Atreides, Dune Saga
H is for- Hoban "Wash" Washburne, Firefly/Serenity
I is for- Indiana Jones, Indiana Jones
J is for- Johnny Blaze, Ghost Rider
K is for- Kate Austen, LOST
L is for- Leia Organa, Star Wars
M is for- Murtagh, The Inheritance Trilogy
N is for- Nymphadora Tonks, Harry Potter
P is for- Percy Blakeney, The Scarlet Pimpernel
Q is for- Qui Gon Jinn, Star Wars
R is for- Rogue, X-Men
S is for- Sorsha, Willow
T is for- Toshiko Sato, Torchwood
U is for- Uncle Deadly, The Muppets
V is for- Valentine, Mirrormask
W is for- Wolf, The 10th Kingdom
X is for- Xander Harris, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Y is for- Yoda, Star Wars
Z is for- Zoe Heriot, Doctor Who

Peace, Ghani
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From the [livejournal.com profile] fannish5:

What are the five coolest gadgets, in any fandom?

1- Lightsabres; Star Wars. They slive, they dice, they cauterize on contact! They're primal and futuristic at the same time, and they're totally in the realm of fantasy, all cool.

2- Sonic screwdriver; Doctor Who. My words can not do the awesomeness of this justice, so I shall just quote: 'Who looks at a screwdriver and thinks "Oooh, this could be a little more sonic."?' 'What? you never been bored? Never had a long night? Never had a lot of cabinets to put up?'

3- Stillsuits; Dune. Okay, I know they're kinda gross with the whole reclaimation and recycling of bodily fluids, but I just adore the image of the Fremen all dolled up in their stillsuits walking across the desert; it's one of those things that gives me chills as much now as it did the first time I read it.

4- The DRDs; Farscape. They're just so cute, with their little blinky eye lights! 1812 is my favorite! I was sad when he sacrificed himself!

5- The Disco Cumber-Bubble-Bund; Mystery Science Theater 3000. Because it's the same damn thing as the regular cumber-bubble-bund barely disguised as anything else, and because of the bit of the Poopie reel where they're laughing at Frank's paltry bubble effort. And 'cos I couldn't think of another.

From last week, which I neglected to answer even though it was a really good one. Hence this post! Okay, so some, most, of these are really typical. There was a time they weren't, when they were fresh and new, and that's generally when I started on them. I like epic-ness, epic love, sometimes tragedy too.

What are your five favorite canonical romances?

1- Leia/Han; Star Wars. Because, dear God, where to start? They were the first ship, they are the ultimate ship! Years before I knew what romantic love was, before I knew about sex, Han and Leia made me feel all gooey inside. The paint's wearing off on my vintage Han action figure chest from having to lean into action figure Leia's bust too often to get a kiss, hee!

2- Sorsha/Madmartigan; Willow. Because they came on the scene right when I was learning about romantic love and, especially, sex. Because they're still such a huge part of my imagination, and influenced so much of it at an impressionable young age.

3- Buffy/Angel; Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Because for about a year I lived for each weekly update on the saga that was their lovelife. I never could quite accept anyone else with Buffy; I think they took Angel off way too soon and not for a good enough reason. I never much got into Angel.

4- Aragorn/Arwen; The Lord of the Rings. Which is actually an extension of my love for Luthien and Beren. I like Luthien better than Arwen, though Beren really can't compare to Aragorn, possibly my favorite character from all Tolkien's stories, and I love the epic scope of Luthien and Beren's love story better, but there's just something that touches me about Aragorn and Arwen in a way no other LotR ships do. And the movies really added to that.

5- Rogue/Gambit; X-Men. And talk of epic loves with a dash of tragedy! I remember getting each issue in the mid-90s and scouring the pages before reading just to see how much Rogue/Remy was featured in it!

Honorable mentions: Aeryn/John; Farscape. And talk of epic loves! Season Three is what did it for me, made me absolutely fall for their story, and I was cheering for them by the end of The Peacekeeper Wars.

And: Horatio/Barbara; Hornblower. My Horatian friends will know; I don't even need to explain this one! ;-)

Peace, Ghani

Two memes

Apr. 16th, 2007 12:56 pm
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Mercilessly snatched from [livejournal.com profile] jadeblood

Literature meme )
TV meme )
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From the [livejournal.com profile] fannishfive:

What 5 characters would you like to be stranded on a desert island with?

1- Johnny Blaze; Ghost Rider, movieverse. Y'know, just in case it's, like a post-apocalyptic situation and we have to single-handedly propagte a new human race. Ahem. Even if not, still fun. And I suck at camp fires, so nothing but win there!

2 & 3- Fred and George Weasley; Harry Potter. I don't see anything about this situation that wouldn't be pure win.

4- Sayid; LOST. Well, he's got experience with these kinds of things, plus he ain't half good lookin'! I think a pattern is emerging...

5- Aeryn Sun; Farscape. Hey, I need a woman there for those girlie talks and Aeryn is kick-ass capable and made of awesomeness. I'd take Princess Leia in her place, or Cherry Darling... Hm, maybe I need a seperate list for the women.

Peace, Ghani
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Okay, I think I understand this, if it means what commonly held ideas outside of the source material do you like/dislike, like fanfic and stuff. Um, right?

From [livejournal.com profile] fannish5:

What five pieces of fanon do you particularly like or dislike?

1- I dislike Leia as the polite, patient and somewhat ineffective beauraucrat, in other words, everything I liked that she wasn't in the movies; Star Wars

2- I like that Elves have pointy ears; Tolkien's work

3- I vehemently dislike the idea that Susan isn't the Doctor's biological granddaughter; Doctor Who

4- I like Edrington's first name being Alexander; Hornblower

5- And to balance this entire thing, I'm mixed about Archie being the younger son of a Lord. I think it works well in most contexts, but has been absolutely done to death; Hornblower

Peace, Ghani
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Been thinking a whole lot about actor obsession lately. I dunno, it's strange, I never thought 30 would make a difference, but here I find myself coming up on three decades of existence, I'm thinking a lot about my habits, my tastes, and what will change, what should change and what will never change.

I guess I always felt like there was some sort of childlike stigma attached to actor obsessions; you know, the wink behind her back meaning, 'we know why she really wants to see the movie...' It's of course a total fallacy because adults a lot older than me still religiously follow Brad and Angelina's every move, scramble to see who Leo is dating after his breakup etc. Not that I look down on that; we each have our own hobbies and distractions and as long as we're not hurting anyone, to each their own. Of course, there are always celebrity stalkers, which are extreme cases and probably make up something like .05 of celebrity fandom in general.

And then, much more commonly, there are the people who can't really seperate the reality of stardom with their own fantasies. Again, most of these people are in no way dangerous, but it's an extreme and isn't healthy for the people either. And don't get me wrong, because I think a lot of the times, 'Oh, we'd get along if we met.' Or, 'We'd have really interesting conversations,' and even, 'He'd so hit on me!' But there's that line, that thing that reminds you that this person exists mostly inside your head, even what you know and like of their personality and life is applied in terms of your fantasies. It's their job, to do that, to enter your imgination so prominently; that's how they become and stay famous! It's not necessarily an enlightened point of view, but more a personal preference of mine. They are only human, right? But, in my fantasies, they can have all the same quirks, all the same habits and personality traits without all that muss and fuss of real life getting in the way.

So, getting back to the original topic: Why do I feel like it's juvenile, at my age, to have a celebrity crush (and I'll stop using obsession because I think I defined that pretty well above, and that ain't me)? Or a new celebrity crush, because I'm not ashamed of the ones I've had since I was a wee tot.

Maybe it's partly because my ideas of celebrity crushes haven't changed since I was young. I'm extremely interested in the celebrities I crush on, in their talent and their personality, and both of those can make a star the most physically attractive person I've ever seen. Very few times have I crushed on someone just because of their looks--as a matter of fact, I can't really think of one. I'm not trying to sell you that I'm the least shallow fan in existence because that'd just be silly; I have my shallowness, trust me! A role they play can click with me and someone who I've seen around all my life can suddenly just grip me (see: my most recent crush on Nic Cage, whom my sister's had a rare an elusive man-crush on for a while now and whose movies I've grown up watching.)

But back to the juvenilia. Certainly I'm in fandoms now where I know plenty of women my age and older who have respectable celebrity crushes, so why do I still feel embarrassed about it? Why am I hesitant to admit even in private that I want to watch everything I can get my hands on of that particular actor/actress? How does someone with almost no social taboos (me), blush at the mere mention of a crush's name because I feel like I'm being judged? It's like a mental block that I have, though it's only really started rearing it's ugly head over the past couple of years, as I got older.

I've always been the baby of the family and in some ways, ways I'm just discovering, I've always felt like everything I did was sort of the immature version of what the adults around me were doing (the closest family member in age, my sister, is still eight years older than me). I was aware at a very young age, which I've discussed with my sister before, condescending attitudes towards me even as little as five or six. You know, 'the kid said something incorrectly, it's so cute let's laugh in her face and never let her forget it.' I said it earlier on in the post, about that sly, knowing attitude of just wanting to watch a movie because mr. or ms. x is in it. Which I have done and have been extremely upfront about it. I am severely interested in acting ability but lookin' at 'em is fine too sometimes, and a good goofball action flick is sometimes the most fun thing to watch.

So where is this all going, you may ask, if you've been patient enough to actually read through all of my ramblings. The answer is, I dunno. That's what I'm interested in finding out. I think it's good to get it out there, to actually try to articulate what I'm feeling instead of holding it in because that only leads to twelve kinds of unhealthy. I think it's better to stand back a bit too and really think about what I've written, why I feel that way and what can be done.

Oh, and, if you've read my journal, you probably know I've got a wicked sense of humor, in more ways than one. Which is why I renamed my journal what i have. But I have to admit, even I blushed when it showed up in HUGE letters at the top of the page with my new format. Not enough to change it, mind, heh!

Peace, Ghani
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It seems like the new year came and my tits somehow knew I was turning 30 in October and just, bloop, his the floor. Seriously, I mean major belly-button touching without a bra now. Sigh. Well, it was fun while it lasted, those halcyon days of my youth.

Ah, I finally got that revamp of my LJ I've been so desperately wanting, thank to [livejournal.com profile] roguedemonhunte's enormous talents. Still not sure about the custom colors I picked to go along with the new header image, though my sister complimented them specifically. I'm enjoying the Smooth Sailing layout in general; it's a nice change but it's also a convenient set-up with the tages right on the side of my page there.

So, three more days until Ghost Rider, wheeee! And, as you can tell by my new layout, pretty fuckin' excited about it! Everything bodes well for it (yes, even that it's the same writer/director as Daredevil! The director's cut of that movie is frickin' sweet and should be given more of a chance!) Nic Cage obsession is in full force lately--because of the movie and it's only gonna pur napalm on the raging fire in my pants on Friday.

Random thought of the day: Damn, Patricia Arquette is one lucky woman! I mean, both Nic Cage and Thomas Jane? I know the first relationship ended kind of iffily, but still! Most women don't get a crack at one fantastic lookin' and interesting guy in their lifetimes!

Peace, Ghani
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Finally got around to writing down a few thoughts about part one, which I recorded from PBS this past Sunday and...

It's not the worst-by a long shot-but the most disappointing of the Jane Eyre adaptations I've seen. I know I was expecting too much, and it's almost a problem that Toby Stephens is so fantastic, because I think the production lets him down. I actually think that Ruth Wilson has no chemistry with him--a very large problem in a romance story--and I was amazed in some scenes that he's giving the performance that he is when he's not getting that same level back; it's not an exchange, IMO.

This adaptation reverts a lot to telling instead of showing; the dialogue bombards us with the fact that Jane is withdrawn, she's thinking and/or feeling this or that, but very little evidence is shown for any of it. You're right, she is far too open, but on the other hand, possesses only shyness and not the sense of self-possession she learned in her latter years as a student at Lowood--I'm always sad this part of the story's continually given the chop because it doesn't the simplified idea that producers and writers want to put across, that, yes, it was miserable, the part they always emphasize and then cut away after Helen dies. But she also learned that sense of self-reliance, that she's gone through a bit of self-discovery, and has that strong, empathetic connection with the world around her.

Why on earth you'd go about hiring someone like Georgie Henley and then not using her is beyond me!

We're told over and again that she's a magical creature, surely she must have bewitched him with her magic because did they mention she was magical? And yet, I see very little of that in her, the character as is written or the performance. This Jane wears her heart on her sleeve, the hesitation, and the self-possession, just doesn't exist in this adaptation. The scene with the gypsy, while I'm delighted by its inclusion and not so much so the changes, seems strange at how laid back it is. Angry--okay, now over it and chuckle indulgently.

There are some definite pluses, chief among them Toby Stephens--and he definitely makes it worth watching--and minuses. I just don't know why I keep expecting more from each new production when I know that they'll either cover the exact same ground as a previous one or go off into a direction that I don't really see as established in the book.

Peace, Ghani
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Well, here I am, back at home and all settled down -relatively, at least- from the big trip. The idea of doing one huge, all-encompasing post about the convention was getting more and more daunting, so I'm gonna break this up into bits.

First off, I must say that the admiratly, [livejournal.com profile] scaryfangirl, [livejournal.com profile] guttermaiden and [livejournal.com profile] whistlejacket, did a super fantastical job! I fall in love with each convention I attend but I really do think this was the best one I've ever been to! The hotel was an excellent choice, and it was really easy to start to feel at home there; the breakfast buffet was FAB, and the free drinks in the evening weren't so shabby either! ;-) I did so enjoy my Fuzzy Navels and Apple Cores (aka Appletinis- silly SCRUBS reference!) The atmosphere was as warm and inviting as y'all were! I saw people hanging out in the convention room between movies and other showings, enjoying each others' company and gabbing; I can't think of one of the other three I've attended that I can say the same about! You planned our "field trips" perfectly, and providing meals for many of the days was genius as I can't even count the number of times I've run around at past cons wondering what I was going to do about dinner and if I was going to miss something!

I'm happy not only to be in the same fandom as youse guys, but to call you good friends! You guys are SO assworthy!

And now I'm all verklempt so I have to remember: There is no crying in the Royal Navy!

To those friends I was meeting for the first time, putting faces and such lovely countenances to names. [livejournal.com profile] timescout, [livejournal.com profile] arwen75 and, my girl, she of the squeaky shoes, [livejournal.com profile] iansmomesq ("OH my God! Squee, it's you!"): you guys rock the house! CabinGirl, she of the beeyooTEEful John Singer Sargent avatars on Horatians.org, it was a pleasure to meet you and you are every bit as sweet, funny and wonderful as your sister!

Which brings me to old friend reunited! It's always a trip when people recognize and remember me! Not to be too emo, but going through school, I was kind of the invisible woman. I couldn't be with this group if I tried and I love 'em for it! Y'all are the best bunch of friends I've had, well, ever! [livejournal.com profile] shipotl, a grin just spread across my face when I saw you in the lobby on Wednesday night! Pamski, Phizz, Ensign Sandra, Biki (and Mr. Biki!), Mayhem (whom I will always be grateful to for the lovely long chates about the Doctor Who EDAs!), fluteface, CmdrG -takes deep breath... [livejournal.com profile] dreamybritactor -always a pleasure to see you and hang out with you, Jamers! I found this year that, with a smaller group, I had more time to shoot the breeze with people I've known for quite some time but have never really had the chance to truly talk to! [livejournal.com profile] mzbehavin65, Shell and Saucy, I was so glad we could hang on Monday night doin' the ghost tour thang as I hadn't spent nearly as much time with ya as I would have liked to (so many objects de gush, so little time!) I have only one thing to say to you ladees: "Are you my grandson?" (And [livejournal.com profile] shipotl, I'm still waiting to see that orb piccie! Have you gone on the tour's official site?! -Over this-a way-a There have pictures taken by guest not HALF as cool as yours!)

And if I've forgotten anyone, you'll just have to get out the cat o'the nine tales and have me flogged!

Althea! I'm so sorry you couldn't have stayed longer but I truly enjoyed the time we had together! Hugs!

And, last but certainly not least, on her birthday, the magnificent, the roomie fantastico, [livejournal.com profile] basbleu1800!!! Who loves ya, baby? I do!!!

So, those are my many, many thanks! Hopefully now on to the convention itself. But I ask you: What is the convention truly for if not to get to hang with my good friends, new and old?! :-)

Peace, Jean

ETA: And, of course, I forgot a few people because I am the dumb! (You can just send Horatio over with the rattan... ;-))

CaptSueB! Bobs! The irrepressible Skihee (aw, it was great seein' ya again!) Brenda (and how cool was this lady?! So much like Karin in all the good ways, and such a great gushah!) Kit-Kat! Pat, it was fab to add you to our ranks! And I'm probably forgetting people even now! ACK!
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My Interests Collage! )
Create your own! Originally Written By [livejournal.com profile] ga_woo, Hosted and ReWritten by [livejournal.com profile] darkman424

Peace, Ghani
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Began to watch Hex last night and, what can I say? I'm totally addicted! I can see where the Buffy comparisons are coming from (you could almost match up characters from each show, such as Thelma/Willow, Azazeal/Angel, Roxanna/Cordelia etc.) but, unlike Buffy, I was rather pleased that Hex went with a more Biblically gothic storyline. While Joss Whedon's world is imaginative and unique, his ideas of heaven and hell, of demons, the product of a gleefully ingenius mind, I've always quite liked new takes in the modern world on biblical canonical material.

Hellblazer/Constantine, Hellboy, Millennium, X-Files, Sandman all tackled the same subject. Heck, all of them even include their own takes on Azazeal (sometimes Azazel) and the Nephilim. In the Millennium, he's portrayed as Samiel, an attractive young man, a fallen prophet who was sent with a warning. The name reappears in Hellboy, as a beast, playing with the "Hound of Resurrection" title. The others take on Azazeal full on.

But Hex takes it to a level of Gothic romance and horror which, I must say, with Buffy long gone and my DVD sets getting a bit tiresome, is really a delight. It's definitely my kind of tv!

On another front, dunno how to feel about the role of Bellatrix being recast from Helen McCrory to Helena Bonham Carter in the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Helena has too soft a face, an angelic Pre-Raphaelite face, whereas McCrory had that dark, sharp sort of look to her, the kind that would make you want to cross to the other side of the street if you were walking alone at night and found yourself walking towards her. Polly Walker was another early rumor and I think that's far more suited.

I remember Entertainment Weekly even named Helena its first choice to play Merope, Voldemort's woe-begotten mother, because of her large, sad eyes and tragically gothic look. Rather disappointed as Bellatrix is a favorite character of mine. It also seems like they're moving a bit too much towards the 'cast stars' trap that I was scared of from the beginning. Yes, the films have always had its share of heavyweights, but they were also concerned about casting the right person in other roles. To me, Helena's casting feels like, 'Well, she's very gothic, isn't she? Let's cast her, she'll be perfect!' instead of careful consideration of the character's personality and physical appearence.

On the Clive Cussler front, have started Atlantis Found, which is easily the best of the Dirk Pitt novels. It always makes me laugh that he has the most amazing knowledge of science, physics and archeology, and then is so inept with plot and characters, but they're fun, so who am I to argue? Gary Stu to the extreme but what a hoot to read!

And, yay, the second season of The Venture Bros. got off to a fantastic start! It's funny because my sister doesn't usually go for "low" humor, even when it's highbrow humor in disguise, but she's surprised me by absolutely falling in love with The Venture Bros.! Go figure! Wait until I introduce her to The Boondocks!

Peace, Ghani
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Post a list of up to 20 books/movies/anime/TV shows/video games/etc. that you've had an obsessive fannish love of at some time in your life. Then have your friends list guess your favourite character from each item.

In no particular order:
1. Star Wars Princess Leia, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] dreamybritactor
2. Lord of the Rings (book/movies guess seperately)Movies: Aragorn; Book: Eowyn, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] dreamybritactor
3. Hornblower (books/movies guess seperately) Movies: Cotard, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] dreamybritactor
4. Children of Dune Ghanima, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] may_child
5. Veronica Mars
6. Farscape Aeryn Sun, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] sharpiefan
7. Highlander Adam, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] dreamybritactor
8. Doctor Who (new series/old series guess seperately)
9. The 10th Kingdom Wolf, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] may_child
10. Les Miserables
11. X-Men Rogue, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] dreamybritactor
12. Battlestar Galactica (new series) Lee, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] dreamybritactor
13. Harry Potter Snape, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] dreamybritactor
14. Resident Evil (games)
15. Titanic (movie- ask if you want to know my real life Titanic hero)
16. Firefly
17. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
18. Xena: Warrior Princess Callisto, gussed by [livejournal.com profile] may_child
19. LOST Sayid, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] dreamybritactor
20. Carnivale

A tip: Lots can be guessed from looking at my collection of icons...

ETA: Ah ha, the answers for the unguessed ones behind the cut )

Peace, Ghani


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