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Scars Remind Us That the Past is Real

Fandom: Star Wars (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story)
Pairing(s): Jyn Erso/Cassian Andor
Warnings: No archive warnings apply
Prompts: scars, what-if, touch, soft

How Corellian Brandy Can Break The Ice

Fandom: Star Wars (sequel trilogy, episodes VII-IX)
Pairing(s): Poe Dameron/Finn/Rey
Warnings: No archive warnings apply
Prompts: carried-away, giggle, reserved, teeth, sweat
Notes: Threesome times!

So Glistening My Spring

Fandom: Greek Myth
Pairing(s): Hades/Persephone
Warnings: No archive warnings apply
Prompts: spring

Luminous Beings

Fandom: Star Wars (sequel trilogy, episodes VII-IX)
Pairing(s): Finn/Rey
Warnings: No archive warnings apply
Prompts: green, awaken, heart, touch, dream, Force sensitivity
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So, I've just been too lazy to sign into my fic journal account [personal profile] bouncybouncy and upload my PB entries there, but I have been posting them to my AO3 account here: Ghanima_Starkiller. I'll probably get around to putting them on my fic journal in the end, but for now... eh. LOL!

- I Am Loves Everything About You, MCU, Betty Ross/Bruce Banner (X)
- Estrus, The Lord of the Rings - All Media Types, Éomer/Lothíriel (X)
- Welcome to the Planet, Man of Steel (2013), Lois/Clark (X)
- A Tower with One Window and No Doors, Fairy Tales, Rapunzel/prince (X)
- Shower me with Kisses, Man of Steel (2013), Lois/Clark (X)
- The Heroes' Love Story, DCU, Clark Kent/Diana (Wonder Woman) (X)
- Violet Fire, Tortall Universe - Tamora Pierce, Alanna of Trebond/Jonathan of Conté (X)

ETA: my final entry.
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All of these were written for From Beyond the Grave, the brainchild of [personal profile] moetushie:

Title: The Watcher
Fandom: DCU
Author: Ghani Starkiller
Prompt: anything Gotham - ghosts of things that have never been. (forever sad about the DCnU)

The Clock Tower is old, dilapidated, neglected; the roof has fallen in, and the boards are dusty, old, broken )

Title: Tender
Fandom: Little Red Riding Hood (fairy tales)
Author: Ghani Starkiller
Prompt: Those sharp teeth; the furry face; the shining black eyes; it wasn't the wolf dressed up as Grandma.
It was Grandma.

The youngest meat is the most tender )

Title: Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things
Fandom: Mary Poppins
Author: Ghani Starkiller
Prompt: You shouldn't trust things that blow in on the wind.

The children's eyes light up when they hear the slight scratching at the chimney )

Title: Trigger Warning
Fandom: MCU (The Avengers)
Author: Ghani Starkiller
Prompt: Being attacked by The Hulk can sure stick with you

The little boy looked up at her with a skeptical expression on his painted face, his puffy green hoodie pulled tightly around him, the strings of the hood secured under his chin in a bow )

Title: A Bed of Hands and Teeth
Fandom: The Hunger Games
Author: Ghani Starkiller
Prompt: That year the setting was a zombie apocalypse

It wasn't the water that scared Annie Cresta, nor the earthquake that had loosened the dam and unloosed the deluge )


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