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+ Okay, lemme axe you something: Is there, like, some unspoken rule that decorations have to come down on New Year's Eve? Because not only is the street now completely dark, but I've noticed that most houses rushed to take 'em down today for good! To me, they're a part of the New Year celebration, you know? They certainly always were when I was a kid! I just don't geddit.

+ New Moon LULZ! I don't quite see why everyone thinks it's so much better than the first movie; yeah, I suppose it's more faithful in that it sort of shoehorns everything in there, but that doesn't necessarily make for a gripping adaptation. We enjoyed it thoroughly however, as I knew we would. And a new phrase has entered our vocabulary: freaky nipple! Because Rob Pattinson's left one... yeah. Forget Emily's face, I dare you to look away from his, well, freaky nipple! But the biggest LULZ goes to the middle aged guys sitting across the aisle from us and hooting it up; they would have been annoying, I think, throughout most anything else but their chuckles were sort of infectious and we all started to laugh when they did. As we were walking out of the theater, they walked in front of us: "That... wasn't exactly what I was expecting. "Naw. But I enjoyed it though!" They WIN! Possibly more on this later.

+ Inglourious Basterds FTFW! Expected Pulp Fiction-esque excesses; got Jackie Brown-like thoughtfulness and care in movie crafting. I finally understand all the hype behind Melanie Laurent. And Brad Pitt... He just made me smile every time he was onscreen! And the Hitler, ahahahaha! Man, only Tarantino could make a WWII film and have a Hitler as insane as I imagine he really was. Loved that Quentin seemed offended in general by the idea that Goebbels ever though he was going to be the future of film. Just so amazing.

+ Happy, happy, my darlings! Hope you all have wonderful ones! And remember when you're out partying tonight: if you can't remember it, it didn't really happen!

Peace, Ghani
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All the best, my friends! And let us bid adieu to the, as [livejournal.com profile] may_child pretty accurately described it, decade from hell, and look forward to those days still blessedly left ahead of us!

Peace, Ghani
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Happy New Year's, friends!


In 2009, ghanistarkiller resolves to...
Cut down to ten movies a day.
Tell my family about ben barnes.
Start a bronte sisters fund.
Take evening classes in doctor who.
Go to 10th kingdom every Sunday.
Go to the renaissance faires every month.

Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

Christmas--and indeed the whole of the Christmas season really--was a nice, quiet affair. We sat around, we ate some good stuff (thanks to my brother's shiny new food stamps card) and we watched lots and lots of movies. [livejournal.com profile] jadeblood visited this past Tuesday, squee! We had a wank-alicious time (or rather a fandom wank-free Supernatural gushing session! XD) and I learned the fun new phrase "jizz jar!" XP I swear, I'll never, ever look at the Sleeping Beauty story the same way again. Ever! 0_o

But that brings me to the most important thing that happened: I realized just how lucky and genuinely grateful I am for all of the fantastic people I've met on the internet. I've met quite a few of you in person, and have yet to meet quite a few more (I will get some of you to an HH gathering that I'm attending, I resolve it for the New Year! XD) New fandoms have come and gone (some in the same year, like Moonlight and Jericho--oh, how I loved you, you were snatched away from me too soon, both of you--or just showed up in time for the New Year, like Merlin. But my friends, those of you who I've met through those fandoms, those of you who I've known for ages who were into those fandoms, those of you I've met in one fandom and then found out that we have other fandoms in common, and those of you I've just plain known forever: I love you all and am so happy y'all are in my life!

And thank you, thank you, thank you to [livejournal.com profile] snowlullaby for my beautiful Christmas gift: my new Lancelot header! Squee! *Is love!* And [livejournal.com profile] jadeblood for my two wonderful Xmas gifts on IJ! Huggles!

To come: A full report on Jade's visit and my guide to our movie marathon complete with reviews!

Peace, Ghani
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16 February


Ghost Rider is released. Now, it may seem superficial or overdramatic to add the release of a movie to the biggest ups and downs of the year but, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] ghostriderfans, I have made a bunch of fantastic new friends that I have been having such fun in getting to know better! And the movie rocked.

6 April


Grindhouse released. And yes, another movie event, this one being the only time I've fully passed out in a public building, aside from eighth grade shop class that is. The first and only time I went completely out during a movie, let's say that. Plus, it was just a thing of beauty and proof that, even if they're not rewarded as they should be for it, artistic intentions truly are not dead in Hollywood, they're just highly unpopular.

15 May

The best news we could possibly get and some of the most unexpected. It was on the night of the 15th that Ann got a letter from an editor over at Houghton Mifflin that they wanted to publish her novel! Discovered in the slush (unsolicited submissions) pile by an intern, it was the brought to the attention of my sister's now-editor. Ann signed the contract later that month, received a very enthusiastic advance and we celebrated twenty years of hard work paying off!

17 May

Lloyd Alexander passed away. He was my absolute favorite author growing up and The Prydain Chronicles are still some of my all-time favorite books. When I was young, I corresponded with him for a class project, and he was creative and intelligent, funny and really nice. He got me interested in literature and set me on a path learning about Ancient Britain's history and myth. He influenced me in every way a really good writer can influence a fan, and he is sorely missed.

12 October

Would have been my mom's 65th. I still feel guilty about missing her 60th; at the time I thought, 'Hey, there are plenty of milestones ahead of us!' What can you do? Lesson learned: Never take things like that for granted.

29 October

Yours truly turned the big three-oh! And still acting like I'm 13, thank you very much.
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In 2007, ghanistarkiller resolves to...
Stop writing with lindsaygirl58.
Be nicer to picklepopsicle.
Start a tolkien fund.
Keep my wicca clean.
Get back in contact with some old video games.
Volunteer to spend time with books.

Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

But I don't wanna stop writing with Karin! Other than that, wow, extremely acurate! ;-)

Peace, Ghani
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Yay, yes, I have finally gotten our piccies organized enough to give you, gentle reader, a taste of a LeZotte family holiday!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Festivities start on Christmas Eve with our huge offering of prezzies (and me sitting in the corner of the pic, woozy from cold medicine!)

On to piccie goodness! )

Peace, Ghani
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Okay, so it was kind of low key fetivities at the LeZotte household ringing in the new year. My brother and his wife are visiting her family in the panhandle (which meant they celebrated an hour later than us!), so it was just me and my sis. Well, that led to a bit more drinking that I usually do and a watching of The Sweetest Thing, which is hilarious without being smashed and out of my minds when I am! South Park marathon was next; see: above! ;-) And Ann has pictures. Drunken Pussycat Dolls 'Don't Cha' dance! =-O Can you say blackmail? Bwahahaha! And we had pink champagne to top it all off! Quite a nice holiday all in all!

Hope y'all had great ones! And much love going out to [livejournal.com profile] whistlejacket, whose birthday it was yesterday and who was terribly ill! Love yer, babe!

Peace, Ghani
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Tagged by [livejournal.com profile] dreamybritactor:

I would like everyone to take some time to write down what they will remember most from 2005 and what they hope from 2006.

Well, boy, was this ever a year to remember! We started out still reeling from having to take my father off of life support right before Christmas; my parents' 41st anniversary would have been January 14th of this year and we all felt a bit melancholy about the whole thing.

In March, I got to spend Easter weekend with two of my bestest, bestest buddies, [livejournal.com profile] whistlejacket and Suz! Much Hornblower gushing happened as well as some Naveen gushing (he sings, he dances! Yes, we saw Bride and Prejudice!), The Wimbledon Poisoner was watched much to the delight of us all! I can personally attest to the fact that Mr. [livejournal.com profile] whistlejacket is one of the finest cooks in the world and knows how to make a smashing cuppa!

When I came back, the decision to sell my parents' house was made by me and my sister, though we had previously wanted to stay, to kind of keep that memory alive. We had all sorts of creditors (my parents were deep in dept) closing in and it really was the right thing, we knew it then and we certainly know it now! It kind of became a tomb rather than a happy memory as we tried to unload it but had to wait the full course of the creditors making their claims etc. We finally moved into our new place this past November, right before Thanksgiving, our first holiday in a place of our own! I'll never forget that mad rush: The house closed on Thursday, the apartment wouldn't be ready until Monday, on Monday, we really took about 20 trips just carrying anything and everything we could so we could be out of there and our buyer could enjoy (he was very patient!)

This past year also saw Doctor Who back on tv screens and not in repeats! (YAY!) But only in Canada and the UK (Boo!) and Chris Eccleston became my new Object of Gush (Yay!). And then it was announced he was leaving (Boo!). But that we would get a christmas special (Yay!) and not only one but TWO more seasons at least and a spin-off of the second greatest companion ever, Captain Jack's Torchwood! (Yay!) Still no US distributor (Boo!)

We saw a lot more movies in the theater this year and fell in love with many! I was delighted to see Christian Bale's star finally rise after years of hard work and to discover Cillian Murphy! Herbie brought me a when-she-was-still-pretty Lindsay Lohan and Justin Long in what I swear is the first role that made him attractive, the leading man! Narnia was the first movie really to cash in on what was thought to be a building fantasy craze and I hope to see more such fare in the future! Sahara made me hot for Matthew Mcconaughey plus introduced me to a new set of books, the Dirk Pitt adventures!

I marveled on LOST to the revelations of the Black Rock, the hatch, Locke's past love affair, what Kate did, Shannon's sad life and death and Henry Ian Cusik as Desmond, mmmm! I discovered Veronica Mars (LoVe forever, man!) and Family Guy (Stewie forever, man!).

Serenity finally opened and Browncoats such as myself rejoiced. And then it tanked at the box office and we were sad though we did get the closure (sometimes to much! Wash lives, ya hear me?!) we'd been looking for plus Nathan Fillion in low slung sweat pants -never a bad thing!

Well, May brought one of the most important events in my life: The premiere of the very last Star Wars movie, and I was not disappointed! And most certainly, even better than the movie, was getting to fly out to see my dearest friend, [livejournal.com profile] may_child, to chill with her and watch Dodgeball (heh, poopie flavored lollypops!). In the New Year, I hope she can take the time off and come and visit us! :-D I must note that, yes, I did go to the RotS premiere in costume but only the midnight showing, NOT the digital theater the next day though the crowd was more fun then!

And my sister's finally self-publishing through Barnes and Nobles! Yay! the editor told her it's the best work she's seen in a decade!

I wish for the new year to be much more stable, that we can settled down and just kick back and enjoy life! That I get to visit old friends again and that they come visit me and boy am I looking forward to seeing my posse at HHWilliamsburg!

As for movies: Bring on X-3, bay-bee! Phoenix forever! And boy does PotC: Dead Man's Chest look like a lot of fun!

Should auld aquaintence be forgot and never brought to mind!
Should auld aquaintence be forgot and days of auld lang syne!

Mwah, Ghani


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