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Lives and loves are lost.
The world is plunged into chaos.
A third hero will rise to join the fight.
In a quest to right old wrongs.

After the immortal son of Hades fulfilled the last prophecy by destroying Percy to extract Atë from him the demigods of Camp Half-blood were hardly given a break. Still recovering from the damage Atë caused while possessing Percy Jackson, Camp Half-blood has a new prophecy to fulfill. But prophecies aren't the only thing they have to worry about anymore.

The recent news of Artemis' death sparks rumors that the mortals of HEUG may be more powerful than they originally thought. While the demigods don't know who to blame, Apollo blamed his father for his sister's death. After 'quitting' his responsibilities as a god, Apollo left the world to three days of darkness until his oldest friend, Dellingr, spoke to Zeus and struck a deal. Apollo would suffer a mortal life in return for his childish behavior instead of death if Dellingr would take on his responsibilities until a Greek demigod was found worthy to take his place among the gods.

With Percy Jackson currently in Greece, driven there by his father and the need to find out more about his roots, Annabeth Chase has plans to open a new camp for demigods of the other pantheons. Camp Half-blood continues to do what they do best--survive the worst possible situations as not only demigod warriors but family. But who could this new hero the latest prophecy mentions be, and what else could possibly happen to them that they would need another hero?

CAMP HALF-BLOOD is a Percy Jackson & The Olympians game that takes place after the events of The Last Olympian. You do not need to have read the series to apply as we accept both canon and original characters (but gameplay will reveal spoilers for those who have not read the books). Please check out our Taken/Holds/Available page!

DISCLAIMER: We in no way own the rights to the Percy Jackson & The Olympian books or movies. This game is a figment of our imagination guided by the ideas of Rick Riordan. We make no profit and intend no copyright infringement; this game is merely for the enjoyment of the readers and players.


Peace, Ghani

Pimp time!

Nov. 4th, 2009 01:38 pm
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RPG Journal | OOC | Mod

Okay, I know the graphics suckish, but what can ya do? I don't even have Photoshop! Anyhoo, yeah, it's the first RPG I've started, it's Gotham City-based (which means Birds of Prey and others, as well as Batman) and our canon is, well, loose, meaning we're accepting anything and everything from the movies, comics and cartoon, to original little tweakings for the characters.

All sort of characters are wanted right now, and especially psychopaths to fill up our Arkham! Green Arrow and Commissioner Gordon would be divine as well (says the gal playing both Black Canary and Babs Gordon!) We're currently not accepting original characters, but there's such a wealth to choose from already, I doubt that'll be a problem!

So come on over and at least give us a look see! :-)

Peace, Ghani
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Your result for Roleplayer Test!...

The Soap Opera Star

Plotful, Character-Oriented, Sexual

You're the Soap Opera Star, the center of a massive web of characters -- and more importantly, character relationships. You roleplay mainly for character dynamics, and romantic character dynamics at that: if you didn't start playing with a ship in mind, you're definitely shipping now that you're playing. But it's not random relationships that appeal to you. You like your plots! It's just that most or all of them are personal in nature and revolve around either getting characters together or developing relationships once they've formed. But if given a plot like that, you're a determined, reliable RP partner. However, of all roleplayers, you're likely to be the ones most emotionally attached to your character and to fall in RP-love with the players of your ships.

Take Roleplayer Test!
at HelloQuizzy

Peace, Ghani
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rules : dropbox : premades : held & taken : application

Live On follows a group of survivors during a zombie apocalypse, doing what they can to survive while dealing with their own interpersonal conflicts. Manufactured by unknown means to the public, they came out of nowhere, infecting and eating everything -- everyone -- in sight. It wasn't long before communication with one city was lost, followed by another and another in a fast-spreding epidemic. Those left behind, left alive, have banded together, sticking to rooftops and making use of their own skills to survive. From those simply caught in the madness by no choice of their own to those responsible for such a catastrophe, they all have to overcome their differences if they hope to keep on their toes and escape the zombie horde.

[livejournal.com profile] sentry to join

And, I swear, [livejournal.com profile] moetushie, that meme is coming up when things quiet down a little here...

Peace, Ghani

Some memes

Aug. 10th, 2008 06:49 pm
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You are 93% Scorpio

From [livejournal.com profile] roguedemonhunte:

RPG meme time! )

Peace, Ghani


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