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Scars Remind Us That the Past is Real

Fandom: Star Wars (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story)
Pairing(s): Jyn Erso/Cassian Andor
Warnings: No archive warnings apply
Prompts: scars, what-if, touch, soft

How Corellian Brandy Can Break The Ice

Fandom: Star Wars (sequel trilogy, episodes VII-IX)
Pairing(s): Poe Dameron/Finn/Rey
Warnings: No archive warnings apply
Prompts: carried-away, giggle, reserved, teeth, sweat
Notes: Threesome times!

So Glistening My Spring

Fandom: Greek Myth
Pairing(s): Hades/Persephone
Warnings: No archive warnings apply
Prompts: spring

Luminous Beings

Fandom: Star Wars (sequel trilogy, episodes VII-IX)
Pairing(s): Finn/Rey
Warnings: No archive warnings apply
Prompts: green, awaken, heart, touch, dream, Force sensitivity
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Back, it seems, from the dead. Initially, I was just going to take a break of a couple of months, and that stretched into years, because while I was looking after my mental health, which was breaking at that point, shit happened. As it will do. Among other things, my brother passed away from cancer.

So, what brought me back? Hey, look at that, it's Porn Battle time again at [community profile] pbam! Because... porn does a soul good? xP
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So, I've just been too lazy to sign into my fic journal account [personal profile] bouncybouncy and upload my PB entries there, but I have been posting them to my AO3 account here: Ghanima_Starkiller. I'll probably get around to putting them on my fic journal in the end, but for now... eh. LOL!

- I Am Loves Everything About You, MCU, Betty Ross/Bruce Banner (X)
- Estrus, The Lord of the Rings - All Media Types, Éomer/Lothíriel (X)
- Welcome to the Planet, Man of Steel (2013), Lois/Clark (X)
- A Tower with One Window and No Doors, Fairy Tales, Rapunzel/prince (X)
- Shower me with Kisses, Man of Steel (2013), Lois/Clark (X)
- The Heroes' Love Story, DCU, Clark Kent/Diana (Wonder Woman) (X)
- Violet Fire, Tortall Universe - Tamora Pierce, Alanna of Trebond/Jonathan of Conté (X)

ETA: my final entry.
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It is advisable NOT to watch a History Channel show about the Chisholm Trail, because you will hear it as Jissom Trail.
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5 most memorable events in your fandom(s) in 2012.

Ahahahahahaha! How about:


That sounds about right.
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This shall be known as the very Thanksgiving that Jean believed she was dying for some sort of horrible body-eating flu! Still sick, sighs. It's gonna take another couple of weeks to shake this. Or have my body consumed by it wholly!
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All of these were written for From Beyond the Grave, the brainchild of [personal profile] moetushie:

Title: The Watcher
Fandom: DCU
Author: Ghani Starkiller
Prompt: anything Gotham - ghosts of things that have never been. (forever sad about the DCnU)

The Clock Tower is old, dilapidated, neglected; the roof has fallen in, and the boards are dusty, old, broken )

Title: Tender
Fandom: Little Red Riding Hood (fairy tales)
Author: Ghani Starkiller
Prompt: Those sharp teeth; the furry face; the shining black eyes; it wasn't the wolf dressed up as Grandma.
It was Grandma.

The youngest meat is the most tender )

Title: Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things
Fandom: Mary Poppins
Author: Ghani Starkiller
Prompt: You shouldn't trust things that blow in on the wind.

The children's eyes light up when they hear the slight scratching at the chimney )

Title: Trigger Warning
Fandom: MCU (The Avengers)
Author: Ghani Starkiller
Prompt: Being attacked by The Hulk can sure stick with you

The little boy looked up at her with a skeptical expression on his painted face, his puffy green hoodie pulled tightly around him, the strings of the hood secured under his chin in a bow )

Title: A Bed of Hands and Teeth
Fandom: The Hunger Games
Author: Ghani Starkiller
Prompt: That year the setting was a zombie apocalypse

It wasn't the water that scared Annie Cresta, nor the earthquake that had loosened the dam and unloosed the deluge )
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I've not done fic in a while! And spooooky fic is always my favorite!
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Well, Athena. You're my homegirl, Athena; I wasn't ever going to not root for a Greek gal from New York. But the judges generally do make the right choices, and they are slowly cutting away the fat. Still sweated it a little because I like both Sue and Tara.

In related news: Why is Jerry still here? Seriously, Conor he is not. And he was on the bottom so many times!

Prediction: My heart is still behind Matt, though I'm not willing to put money on it yet.

Highlight: Ve telling Beki that all of her excuses were a load of shit because she had immunity and she was throwing her partner to the wolves. Ah, it's always nice to remember that not much escapes the judges.
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Who spend decades of their lives experimenting, exploring and trying to invalidate female ejaculation and/or the G-spot: I am very sorry you can't make your wives/girlfriends cum vaginally, but leave the rest of us alone.


Seriously, dudes, it's just creepy.
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And you could give less than of a fuck

Seriously, though, if it's the slightly erotic that floats your boat, fine (though it is the Porn Battle, I've written my share of suggestive--and by my standards, that's still middling-graphic, heh, but, ya know, whatevs) but the backhanded snarking? Nah, man! We're doing this for fun, y u hate?


Jan. 3rd, 2012 02:05 pm
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So much to do today, so many plans, and no will or energy to do it, le sigh.
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Happy 4th of July!


Peace, Ghani
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[livejournal.com profile] shawnalasex and [livejournal.com profile] shipotl!


~ ♥ ~


(Ah, my graphics making skills are second only to about twelve million other people!)

Peace, Ghani
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Lives and loves are lost.
The world is plunged into chaos.
A third hero will rise to join the fight.
In a quest to right old wrongs.

After the immortal son of Hades fulfilled the last prophecy by destroying Percy to extract Atë from him the demigods of Camp Half-blood were hardly given a break. Still recovering from the damage Atë caused while possessing Percy Jackson, Camp Half-blood has a new prophecy to fulfill. But prophecies aren't the only thing they have to worry about anymore.

The recent news of Artemis' death sparks rumors that the mortals of HEUG may be more powerful than they originally thought. While the demigods don't know who to blame, Apollo blamed his father for his sister's death. After 'quitting' his responsibilities as a god, Apollo left the world to three days of darkness until his oldest friend, Dellingr, spoke to Zeus and struck a deal. Apollo would suffer a mortal life in return for his childish behavior instead of death if Dellingr would take on his responsibilities until a Greek demigod was found worthy to take his place among the gods.

With Percy Jackson currently in Greece, driven there by his father and the need to find out more about his roots, Annabeth Chase has plans to open a new camp for demigods of the other pantheons. Camp Half-blood continues to do what they do best--survive the worst possible situations as not only demigod warriors but family. But who could this new hero the latest prophecy mentions be, and what else could possibly happen to them that they would need another hero?

CAMP HALF-BLOOD is a Percy Jackson & The Olympians game that takes place after the events of The Last Olympian. You do not need to have read the series to apply as we accept both canon and original characters (but gameplay will reveal spoilers for those who have not read the books). Please check out our Taken/Holds/Available page!

DISCLAIMER: We in no way own the rights to the Percy Jackson & The Olympian books or movies. This game is a figment of our imagination guided by the ideas of Rick Riordan. We make no profit and intend no copyright infringement; this game is merely for the enjoyment of the readers and players.


Peace, Ghani
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Oh, True Blood. Just because I haven't seen it before, doesn't mean I ever needed to. The pacing is just so crazy off this season. I felt overwhelmed, crushed under an unpleasant pile of weirdness and one of Sookie's worst plans ever! Ah well, there are bound to be some... well, it wasn't exactly a stinker so much as it was BZUH?!

Feeling el crapola lately. I hate having a defunct brain, I hate it even more when it prevents me from doing even the fun stuff. Sighs.

Peace, Ghani
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Because I'm actually enjoying a Star Wars EU book. I learned, back when prequel material started coming out, that it really is preferable when the book focuses on OCs instead of the canon characters, just because there's less room for major fuck ups. And that the non-post-ROTJ are not quite as aggravating with the continEUity. So I went into Death Troopers with this in mind. Also keeping in mind that it's Stromtroopers and zombies. Stormtroopers and zombies, people! How could it go wrong?! I'm half way through it and unfortunately, the only way it has gone wrong is with the predictability of who is going to die, and it makes me sad because I like the character who is all but a walking target.

Han and Chewie. Billed as "surprise cameos," but so far, they're really involved in the story! Chewbacca probably has more to do, and more character development, than he ever got in the post-ROTJ books (which led to his lamentable demise). Maybe it'll start sucking, who's to say? But for now, pretty awesome. Hey, it's zombies! In the Star Wars universe!

Peace, Ghani
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I haz Tumblr...


I'm still trying to... figure it out, LOL! And click on that lovely link and you'll be hit in the face with a rant/essay about my feelings on the Narnia books. I swear, I are not all srs bsns--it was just prompting me to make a first post and that's something that's been nagging me. So, my lovelies, add! Add me, please! And prompt me to add you, though I'm still... figuring it out, like I said! xP

Peace, Ghani


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