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Oh, True Blood. Just because I haven't seen it before, doesn't mean I ever needed to. The pacing is just so crazy off this season. I felt overwhelmed, crushed under an unpleasant pile of weirdness and one of Sookie's worst plans ever! Ah well, there are bound to be some... well, it wasn't exactly a stinker so much as it was BZUH?!

Feeling el crapola lately. I hate having a defunct brain, I hate it even more when it prevents me from doing even the fun stuff. Sighs.

Peace, Ghani
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So... I've been sort of absent lately, and that's mostly because I've just felt sort of blah lately, between the heat and just general anxiety issues. Went to get my hair cut last Friday; my sister's regular hairdresser was snotty to her and I ended up with just some random woman who... really didn't seem to know what she was doing. Needless to say, it doesn't look great (which is why no pictures, when you got such lovely ones of me back in December!)

I also realized that I've basically lost all of that built up immunity I've had for going out in public, which is depressing, honestly. I used to go on trips to see my friends and do a modest amount of shopping. Sighs. I suppose, when things even out again with both mine and my sister's lives, I can start the process of building it up again, but... there it is, le sigh.

Shutter Island: A Short Review - Spoilers )

Night at The Museum 2: An Even Shorter Review - Hank Azaria, I love you! Greek kick-ass power! The movie was cute, though I'm not sure why the filmmakers thought kids'd be so captivated by the romance between Larry and Amelia Earhart. A nice way to spend a couple of hours, not outstanding but pleasant.

Alice in Wonderland - You Guessed It, A short Review - Loved it. Was surprised at how much I loved it, even though everyone I know recommended it. I adore Mia Wasikowska. Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter was excellent!

Haven't gotten out to see any of the summer movies (see: above). Was hoping to see Prince of Persia or A-Team (my childhood demanded it!), but it didn't happen. Last Air Bender is still on the horizon and of course Harry Potter!

True Blood 3x01: spoilers )

Doctor Who: Love, love, love the new season. Matt Smith, you are a wonder! And to think I ever doubted you or Karen Gillan! It took a bit for the season to get going, in my opinion, but it's been absolutely divine since "Time of the Angels"! Oh and River Song! I could not love you more, though I already do from what I knew of you in last season, and I'd thought that was impossible back then!

Peace, Ghani

So. Yeah.

May. 19th, 2010 02:33 pm
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I haven't been around much, which is my shame. I... just don't even know what's going on anymore. It started with my stomach, and that got pretty nasty (with a night spent throwing up in colors that you never ever want to see leaving your mouth) and that remained hurty, but now it's not just that, be it ulcer or not, but a severe lack of sleep. It's like I'm going through a breakdown in slow motion. (Quite a bit like it actually.)

I'm trying to pull myself out of it, but the physical symptoms and mainly the sleep deprivation just sort of keeps sinking me back down. and I got my period on top of everything, joy! Aunt Flo is always a welcome addition to any crappy situation! xP

Anywho, this is what's been going on, and I'm sorry if I've been a nonentity lately. Hugs to you all!

Peace, Ghani
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So. We ended up not going to the Hoggetowne Medieval Faire yesterday for the second year after getting there by hook or by crook for I think it was twelve years consecutively beforehand. Which means I didn't see [livejournal.com profile] aragornslove or get my fortune read for free by one of my sister's coworkers, or just generally revel in the glorious atmosphere. But, more than that, it's made me start thinking about my own state of mind in the past two years. I can make excuses, and they wouldn't be untrue, about having been sick yesterday not having the spare cash, or point out that my regular medieval faire buddy moved away two years ago. But in past years, I've literally gotten up out of my sick bed after two weeks of being bed ridden to go at least for an hour on the last day.

This leads me to examine more closely how my agoraphobia's been going through a particular rough patch: even the things I'm supposed to enjoy, that I know won't come around for another year, feel, not only like a chore, but actually are a frightening proposition. But hasn't it been this bad in the past? I suppose it has, but situations have changed (drastically, in some cases) as well. I dunno.

On the upside, I've finally gotten my sister completely addicted to True Blood, kick ass! She resisted for a long time, but I was sneaky, heh, and when they showed the first season over New Years week, I was sort of subtly putting it on until I was her start to pay attention and get interested. We watched the second season on On Demand over the weekend and she now knows the excellence that is Godric's storyline. Hearts!

Peace, Ghani
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So, after a nasty bout with insomnia, I've learned a valuable lesson: Not only can I not take two of my sleeping pills together, which results in extreme depression and mood swings, but I also can't take them over extended periods of time. For the above reason but also because I'm now suffering from meds withdrawal, which really sucks ass. The other day, I was so anxious, I thought I was going to bounce off the walls like a pinball. Or kill my brother, one or t'other. but then again, that latter one is most of the time so maybe I can't blame it on my meds. My stomach's been wreaking havoc on me ass well as a result and I've gotten in this weird sleep pattern where, ever other night, I go out like a light, and in the nights between, I'm sleeping maybe three hours at most.

So, enough with that fun stuff. thanks to [livejournal.com profile] writeangel1, I've got a shiny new obsession: Being Human. I haven't watched the third episode yet (all there is so far), but I'm planning to write up a whole every view of my love for this show as soon as I do, complete with illustrations!

And, Jade! I finally got to watch Leverage! Kickass, is all I can say! *Loves Timothy Hutton!*

Peace, Ghani


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